All first-time users of this program are requested to read this section fully, before using the program. Regular users also are requested to read this section, as we will be frequently updating this page with new features and tips.

Last updated at 19.00 hours, 13th December 2001.

What is ekathu?

ekathu is a software that enables you to compose a letter in Malayalam and to send it as email in Malayalam to your friends and relatives.

It is so simple to use. Anyone can learn the usage of the program in 5 minutes. Malayalam words, according to its pronunciations, are typed in English using appropriate English letters.
By practicing few minutes you can become an expert in using eKathu for your future communications in Malayalam via email.

Simple examples are:
Type in English “pappa” for "” type mammi for "a½n" or type “annamma” for "A¶½”. Instead of typing, you can also compose the letter using the mouse. Just click on the required letters from the Malayalam Keyboard displayed on the screen. The keyboard displays all the letters in Malayalam language, including vowels, consonants and combination letters, with the corresponding English letters.

In order for you to check the accuracy of the Malayalam letters, a provision has been made on the screen. While you type in English, the English letters will be displayed in a window at the bottom left side of the screen. The corresponding Malayalam letters will be shown in a separate window at the top left side of the screen.

If you make a mistake, simply backspace and correct the English letters; automatically the Malayalam letters will also get corrected.

To preview the entire Malayalam letter prior to transmitting, use the scroll bar in the Malayalam window. Here again, if you notice any mistake in Malayalam letters, you can correct the corresponding English letters and automatically the Malayalam letters will get corrected.

A copy of the Malayalam email will be sent automatically to your email inbox for your records. To send copies of your email to many people, insert a comma(,) between their email addresses.
Ex: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

The technique used in the program is called transliteration. The letters and words typed using English letters are first converted to corresponding Malayalam letters, using a powerful algorithm. You can send messages containing maximum 1000 characters as one email.

Please note that ekathu program will not work on version 6 of Netscape browser. On all the other versions of Netscape and on all versions of Internet Explorer, the program works perfectly. If you face a problem, like Malayalam letters not appearing in the Malayalam window, please change your browser settings to enable Java and JavaScript. No other problem has been reported, even after being used by over 100,000 people.

To use ekathu, both the user and the recipient do not require the Malayalam fonts
. We have programmed in such a way that all sorts of email programs, like Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. will display your message in Malayalam, in the Inbox.

You can even compose your Malayalam message while you are in offline mode, if you install Deepika's Malayalam font on your PC. This will enable you to save on line connection cost while you are preparing the message.

Font installation is now made simple for anyone to do it. In case you wish to install Malayalam font, please type in your email address in the box given below and click on "Get Me Font" button. Within seconds, you will receive an email from us with easy-to-install instructions and our Malayalam font mlkr0ntt_TTF.ttf as email attachment.


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Good News!!!
We have just launched the Professional Version of eKathu. It has lot of additional user-friendly features, which will make your Malayalam email more exciting. Please note that it is necessary that the receiving person has the Deepika Malayalam Font available on his PC.
Click here to use eKathu Professional version